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+30 6936988692
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Crete Car Rental | carrentalstop

Crete rent a car

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We have been offering car rental services throughout the island of Crete since 1981. 

Our experience and the continuous renewal of our fleet give deep satisfaction to our numerous customers. 

With fast and quality service, we do not leave any negative memories to our customers. 

We maintain an excellent relationship with everyone and this is how we built and continue to build all these years of continuous communication and appreciation.

Our multilingual staff is always kindly available to give any kind of information and assistance.

Upon arrival of flights or ships, or the desire to deliver to our customers' hotels regarding our appointment, we are always there at the pre-arranged time to deliver the rental car of choice. Frequent plane or ship delays always find us there to wait without burdening customers with more delays and without any additional financial burden.

You have to see it in action.

Rent a car in Crete is necessary and we have been doing this for 44 years.


Combine rent a car in Crete with your stay. 

Cheap and wonderful with comfortable rooms on the beach. Ask us !!!!!!

Have a look.


Online Reservation


Rental Period: 7 days

Our Car Groups

    • car image

      Group A
      Toyota Aygo

    • car image

      Group B
      Fiat Panda

    • car image

      Group C
      Opel Corsa

    • car image

      Group D
      Toyota Yaris Diesel

    • car image

      Group E
      Opel Astra

    • car image

      Group F
      Ford Focus

    • car image

      Group F1
      Mercedes-Benz A 160

    • car image

      Group G
      VW Caddy mini bus

    • car image

      Group G1
      Nissan Micra Automatic

    • car image

      Group G2
      Honda Insight Hybrid Automatic

    • car image

      Group H1
      Opel Vivaro