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Heraklion Crete

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The city of Heraklion is the capital of the Prefecture of Heraklion and the largest in Crete. Heraklion has a population of 130.000. It lies in the midle of the north cst of the north coast of the island. The first name was Handakas named by Arabs in 824 A.D. In the Byzandine period was renamed Khandax and later in Venetian period the name was Candia. Heraklion the anciant time was the port of Knossos. The city and the hole Prefecture has much of archeological and historical sites to see. Monuments, museums, libraries, hotels and facilities.

At the international airport of Heraklion Nikos Kazanzakis and in the port of the city many turists arriving they rent a car and visit all the important and nice places.


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