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Agios Nikolaos

rent cars in Crete airport | carrentalstop, Spinalonga the Lion Island

Island of Spinalonga

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Spinalonga’s evolution was a result of the different invasions of Venetian, Turkish, etc. From the outset, Spinalonga was not an Island existing separately but linked to the adjacent Peninsula Spinalonga. The creation of Spinalonga as a different entity was by Venetians around 1526. There are very many invasions from Arabs, Ottoman, and Cretan revolts. During the Arab’s raid, however, made the island a deserted one but the Venetians revived the island in the 7th century. Venetians remarkably created fortification/ fortresses on the island of Crete which is still in existence today. But the military of Venetians took over the island. Every blueprint of the invaders is left till today and many people have been around to visit them. We offer car rental to the island. The cars are fully insured against any form of damage that could happen.

Today, the Island of Spinalonga has nobody living there. But the island can be visited through Elounda (Plaka) and Agios Nikolaos. It is one of the most famous places visited for a tour on the Island of Crete. The island is one of the last centres used for a leper colony in Europe. Because of this, many of its inhabitants vacated the place. The last person to leave the island was a priest in the year 1962. Meanwhile, the island was preserved for the Orthodox Church of Greece. In this church, dead bodies undergo forty days, to one year, to three years and five years of commemoration after their death. As the sequel to the fact that it was a leper colony, Spinalonga has two major entrances: Dante’s gate, the largest entrance. It was created because the lepers’ fate cannot be predicted once taken to the Island. Amazingly, the island has been the location for shooting movies while authors set their novels there too. All the

The Island of Spinalonga is located northeast of the island of Crete which is Lasithi. Spinalonga is known for things such as pebble beaches, shallow waters and beaches. Many tourists love to visit the place because of the mild nature of the climatic condition. The terrain of the land is very easy and appealing to the sight. The beaches on the island are not crude as they are being properly clean. The clean water fascinates every tourist that visits the island. The greatness of the island has made numerous people refer to it as the lion island.

There are lots of remains of the leper’s colony on the island. As noted earlier on the last person on the island, people have not been living there because of this. The entrances are still in existence. Even though many people go to the island by boat, hiring a car at Lasithi would have always been the best. Moving from the airport to the Island to and fro will not be possible with boats. We offer a car rental service from the airport to the island. Our cars will strategically position you in that part of the island with your desired views. Give your description to the driver and you will be taken right to the place. Families going for the tour could be challenging but our car rental service at Lasithi is the solution –order today!


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