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To know more reasons, you will need to rent a car in Crete with full insurance to visit the Island of Crete, the history of Crete is dealt with vigorously. The origin of the Cretans is of utmost concern right here. This writing talks about the origin of the people and the historical background of the people.

History of Crete

The history of Crete is strongly related to the popular myths where Minos, the then king, refused to offer a bull which forced the queen to fall in love with him and created the mythical Minotaur. The Island of Crete has been in existence for a very long time immemorial. Before many invasions by Turkish and Romanians, Crete Island was indwelt by a Minoan civilization which is the Bronze Age culture from 2600-1150 BC. This civilization was through making palaces, tombs, and sites for the use of the Minoans to the extent that they created a great navy because everyone that had been invading the Island had their motives, the Mycenaeans of Greece. Before then, the strength of Minoans was weakened by the Tsunami eruption from the volcano in Santorini, Greece, in 1450 BC.

After the successful suspension of the Bronze Age civilization invasion, the Romans between 63-330 AC invaded the island. The invasion coupled with Byzantine brought to the island wealth and glamorous beauty of which its remnants remain to date. The Turkish invaded the Island too, which skyrocketed the growth of the island with good fortune and pleasurable sightseeing today. The mosaics and monuments around the island are all products of these invasions.

Sadly, Crete was invaded by Germans which brought great airborne resistance by the allies; British, New Zealand, and Australia. During these invasions, the Cretans resisted the reign of a foreign government, but they could not. The places that suffered many bombings were Heraklion and Chania whose destruction is still present today. Rent a car today at the ports in all the prefectures on the island to witness the great Samaria gorge, the nature of the island, and the climatic conditions that are always injected by the cozy breeze. We take you around your desired destinations with an insured car no need to panic at the sight of the mountainous nature of the island. Our cars will serve you right!

The Island of Crete is the largest Greek Island which many people, through its outstanding features, refer to as heaven on earth. Crete Kriti, seldom as kreta has a population of about 650,000 with about 260 km long and 60km wide. The island is located between the Libyan Sea and the Sea of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. The terrain of Crete is not only beaches, lakes, and gorges but also has fantastic sea and sun which shine greatly on the island. There are four major prefectures from West to East of the island: Chania prefectureRethymno prefectureHeraklion prefecture, and Lasithi prefectures. These places are cities with the remnants of the invasions witnessed by the Island. This is why many people who have visited the island have found it a great place to be. We offer car rental from all the airports on the Island. These cars will take you around the regions and remarkable places therein.

Crete Myths

Like every other history of most myths across the world, which deals with the overthrowing or war for the person that is sourced as the origin of some people, so is Cretans too.

Many decades ago, Cronus, the father of Zeus, was a king who assumed power by overthrowing his own father. Because of this, when his wife, Rhea: who had given birth to Hades, Hera, Demeter, Hestia, and Poseidon: wanted to give birth to Zeus, she had to try to hide him. Cronus was scared of nemesis. He ‘swallowed’ his own children. Rhea knowing this, went to Gaia to purvey a plan for her in order to save Zeus. It is not that Cronus was a devilish father, only that the belief in destiny was a stronghold of that says that he (Cronus) will be dethroned by his son Which is why he has been swallowing them to avert the retribution of such acts. With this, Zeus was given birth at the Diktean cave in Crete, leaving Cronus in the hope of death. Although there are different views about the birth of Zeus and where he grew; some said he was born in the cave and then moved to Ideon Andron; some said he was born in Ideon Adron and grew therein.

Remarkably, during the movement of Zeus from the cave to Ideon Andron, his navel fell off (meaning that he was still a baby) near a river which today is the Karteros eastern part of Heraklion. As expected, Zeus was crying heavily as Rhea was taking him away. But Curetes (the seven giants) masked Zeus and helped her by making noises with their swords through dancing. They told Rhea to guard the cave entrance.

Being out of the cave, Rhea could not take care of him anymore. Therefore, Melissa Nymph brought Zeus up. Therewith mythical goat Amalthea fed him with her milk. Unfortunately, Zeus broke off the Horn of Amalthea and gave it to her, promising that all goodies would ensue from it. This Horn is today Horn of Plenty. Rent a car to this Horn of Plenty from the airports on the island.

After many years of growing up to maturity, Zeus thinks it deems fit for him to become the king. So, he overthrew his father. Before he could do this, Zeus battled his father in order to save his siblings, which he had swallowed even before he was born. To show how mighty Zeus was, he battled giants and the monster Typhoon victoriously. Meanwhile, when Zeus was in a battle with his father, he fought the Titans with his brothers.

After lots of battles, the kingdom’s fate lies in the hands of Zeus and his brothers, particularly Hades and Poseidon. Zeus, being smart, drew lots with his brothers to become the king. Alas, mighty Zeus won and became the king. Zeus has been believed to have been the origin of the Cretans. What a great myth! To be part of the eyewitness of the Heraklion, Diktean, or even Ideon Adron (where Zeus was born), rent a car in Crete that will take you around the island. Our pickup stations are in the major airports on the island.

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