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Heraklion Town

Heraklion or Iraklion is the administrative city of Crete Island and one of the largest cities in Greece.

Heraklion is filled with statues that represent great landmarks in their history.

The bustling centre of modern Heraklion is enclosed by the Venetian walls and the Venitian castle. While most of its attractions are located around its central squares.

A tour of the city of Heraklion begins with the Archaeological Museum, which is the second largest in Greece after the Archaeological Museum of Athens. 

Here there are all archaeological findings from the famous Minoan period - palace of Knossos - but also findings from other later periods of all the conquerors of Crete

Near the museum, Daidalou Street begins, with its shops, restaurants and cafes, which ends at Eleftherios Venizelos Square, also called the Square of the Lions and the Fountain and is an attraction for visitors. 

Here we will find restaurants, cafes and many folk art shops. 

The square of Lions, which during the Venetian rule was the centre of the social zone, was decorated in 1628 with a magnificent fountain where the pipe of the city's aqueduct ended. 

Its water is poured into eight basins that communicate between. 

The sculptural decoration represents Europa on the bull between dolphins, nymphs, tritons and eros.

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To visit the town with your car, or if you have a rent a car from another place in Crete, you can find easily a car parking place exactly in the old centre of the town there where all the most interesting things are nearby.  

Heraklion is the basis of glory for the whole of Greece. 

Here is also the origin of the great novelist Nikos Kazantzakis.

From the centre of the town, a road starts and drives directly - straight to Knossos which you certainly should not overlook. 

By car, it is only 10 minutes drive.

There is also a city bus to Knossos with a stop 50 meters from the Museum, but to rent a car in Crete is the best convenience.


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