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Crete Gramvousa - Balos | Carrentalstop

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Crete Gramvousa -Balos

Gramvousa-Balos is a specular place to be on the island of Crete. It has fascinating things such as uncommon species of animals, beaches, flora and the Venetian castle. It is pertinent to know that the lagoon of Balos is situated right in Gramvousa and Tigani Peninsula but Gramvousa is also called Tigani Peninsula which means that Balos is exclusively contained in Gramovousa. The great archeological building; Venetian castle was built to immune the island of Crete against the Turkish occupation invasion. This makes it the only portion of the island that was not invade throughout the invasion witnessed by the whole island. Gramvousa was liberated earlier in 1825 from the Turkish while the whole island was liberated in 1898. There are lots of peculiar things found on this part of Crete island hire a car that will take you round this amazing areas at the ports of the island. There are boats to take you through the lagoons but none of them will take you from the airport to the Gramvousa to and fro. Car rental services are provided to see the amazing creatures on the island.

What to expect?


There are lots of fauna birds at Gromvousa. Apart from this, there are lots of species of birds that is believed not to be found anywhere else except on the island. According to statistical analysis, there are 98 bird species in the peninsula of which 20 of them are guided by the laws and 14 of them are endangered species.


There are lots of amazing species of animals found in the area. There are Caretta Caretta turtles, wild goats and Monachus. Their shelters are skillfully designed by them. There are flock of wild monkeys living on the peninsula as well. Everything is an amazing environs. There is no need to panic as to where and how to maneuver through the peninsula, we offer car rental services that will strategically take you to where to see the animals.


There are interesting plants on the peninsula. They are arranged in a way that their petals move in the direction of the winds creating amazing sensation for the brain. By statistical analysis, there are 400 species of plants at Gramvousa of which 26 of them are exclusively found only on the peninsula.

Lagoon and Beaches

There are lots of beaches and lagoons upon your visit. Gramvousa has lots of clean and pleasurable water that can be used for swimming. Many tourists have found it exiting to swim and enjoy their tours purely at Gramvousa-Balos. The terrain of the beaches is sandy and soft. There are life jackets around them for easy swimming. Besides, there are restaurants where one could buy cool drinks. We offer car rents that will take you to the beaches and also store your goodies needed on the lagoon and beaches.

Hire our car service that will take you to everywhere you wish to be on the Crete Island. There is no problem with our cars as they have full insurance on damage incurred during usage. Your satisfaction is our utmost goal!!!

Photo Gallery

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