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Crete Chania airport car rental | Carrentalstop, Samaria gorge

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About Samaria Gorge

The most visited gorges are the Samaria gorge. The gorge is the tallest among others found on Crete Island. Surprisingly, both Samaria and gorge got their etymology from an Ossia Maria church back centuries ago. The gorge became a national park in 1962. The reason is that there are special species of animals found therein. Krikri "Cretans goat" among other animals were largely habitants of this part of the Island. People move around the gorge to see the amazing creatures on the island.

Samaria Gorge is filled up with mountainous terrain, sandy and rocky soil. It is located around Omalos plateau to Agia Roumeli on the Libyan Sea. Tourists prefer to walk around this amazing gorge in order to have a long term feeling of the atmospheric condition. Many people have lost their feelings to what they had on their first visit and they, because of this, schedule their tours to Samaria Gorge always.

Meanwhile, Samaria Gorge is in southwest Crete which is in the region of Chania. Many people that have visited it think that the gorge has varying kilometres depending on where one starts walking. Actually, the gorge is just 16km long but from Omalos plateau it is 18km which covers the distance between the northern plateau and Agia Roumeli Village. The walk through the national park is 31km long from Chania town.

Many tourists have complained of how irksome it could be to walk through the gorge especially during summer. It makes the tours a stressful one. The air condition of the gorge requires special understanding in order to know how and when to move around it. We provide car renting services at Chania that will take you through the walking on the gorge. The dusty nature of the gorge is our utmost concern so we have cars that are suitable for your movement. You don\'t have to walk around it all by yourself. Walking through the gorge will take up to 5 hours. It is not a simple journey. We understand that you have other places in mind to visit upon your tours but when 5 hours is gone out of the time frame, what other things can you achieve? With our car renting services, you will have the full time to rest, stop by and even take pictures of amazing things on the gorge.

Besides, Samaria is a village on its own but the conversion of the gorge to a national park made the residents vacate the place. This means that upon your visit, you will need to take care of so many things like drinks, snacks, boots, etc. We have a car rental service that will grant you suitable cars to keep basic needs and for your tours.

There are several other peculiar species of animals and plants found in the gorge and surrounding area. Many other species of flowers and birds are as well common in the gorge and its environs. The sensitivity of the national park has made it to have a stipulated time for a visit which is the 1st of October every year. Our cars for rent will be at Chania to move you round this gorge and also return you to the port where you go to your different destinations.

The statistics of tourists that visit the gorge is growing every year. Think of the clumsiness to be experienced while visiting the gorge. We have strategically situated our car renting services at Chania, or Chania airport which is the best point to move effortlessly to the national park. Samaria Gorge has been tourists favourite. Everyone speaks about it. You will surely do too. Our car rental service has made everything easy. Place your order today!


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