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Crete Palace of Knossos | Carrentalstop

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Crete Palace of Knossos

The origin of Palace of Knossos could be traced to king Minos who is believed to have built the palace during his reign as the first King of Crete. Because of this, many things attributed to the king such as labyrinth, etc. are found right at the palace. It is the archeological Museum of Heraklion. The palace has been an archeological site for many tourists visiting not only Crete but Greece at large. Knossos is believed to be the oldest city in Europe and the largest archeological site from the reign for the Minoans civilization –Bronze Age. The palace is the first building in the middle of Minoan from the Neolithic era.

The palace of Knossos is located in Heraklion of Crete. The first archeology to discover this palace is Arthur Evans, others are David George, Duncan Mackenzie, etc. Based on archeological activities that has been on the building many things aspired to have been in the palace include the following: a large number clay and stone incised spools and whorls, axe and mace, figurines, greenstone, knives, hamlet, labyrinth, etc. What a fantastic place to be! There is no need for worries, we offer car rental service in Heraklion exclusively for you upon your visit to the great palace of Knossos.

Brief description of the palace

There are lots of palaces built especially in Crete but Knossos is relatively the largest occupying three acres of land. The palace has two basic division: the underground which ritual cult centre is situated and has a great monumental staircase leading to suites in the upper floor. There are lots of small and valuable objects found in the palace from the reign of the king. The palace has a theatre with an area strategically designed for orchestra. Generally, the palace has sixteen rooms with pithoi as the main feature which are stored in jars up to five feet tall and are used for oil, wine, wool and grain storage as well. The structure of the palace is a typical one of the Cretans. It is built with timber and has framework of beams and pillars. There are labyrinth attached to all the wall while the main building is constructed largely with unbaked bricks. It has lots of chambers which are adorned with free hand art which are representation of everyday struggles and the king’s processions. There are lots of statues which are purely women basically depicting fashions in antiquity. The statues are worn long dresses and hair with large skirts and sleeves all around the fashions which the then king loves to see. There are lots of bull featuring in the pottery which is a connection between Cretans and Athens slavery where there used to be a legend who was diabolic between human and bull.

The description of the palace cannot be given in total as there are lots of remains of the past invasion that words will not express no matter how smart the language. They are landmark that every tourist wish to explore. Hire car at Heraklion to move round this great archeological monument with lots of memories. The station for the car rent has been made easier, you need not to move away from the airport at Heraklion – we rent car from the airport to any of your desire destination.


Photo Gallery

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