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rent a car Crete Chania | carrentalstop, the lake of Kournas

Lake of Kournas

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Kournas is a fairly large village perched over a hill overlooking the lake. Crete, the only lake with fresh Water is relatively large with a perimeter of 3.5km. You can get there by driving a car you rented.

All about the lake

The lake is beautiful as is situated in the middle, below high mountains that seem like they are glazed every morning with a touch of snow. The waters are beautiful that if one stood barefoot for a while the fish in the water play with the feet like spas. Here you can rent a pedal boat and go around the lake and see all the beauties of the lake from the surface to the bottom. Fish, frog eels, turtles and many other aquatic species are the inhabitants of the lake water. It is really worth renting a car in Crete, and above all, if you have kids who can enjoy it. Throughout Crete ranging from Sitia to Chania and many other places are so interesting and special, it is enough to have a way to visit them. The lake of Kournas, brings together a lot of these. We suggest to hire a car.

The lake isn’t just known for its mountains and waters it is also famous for the different variety of birds. lake kournas is known to be populated with ninety-seven species of birds, thirty-six of which are aquatic and the nightingale and the Cettis warbler are the most seen birds at the lake.

An attractive location

The location of the lake is another factor that tourists are attracted to. It is easy to locate due to its popularity so most of the locals are aware of how to get to this place and they will help you with pleasure. Chania airport in Crete and the town of Chania, are just 30km away from the lake and if you don’t have a preference to the busses there’s always the auto car rental service in Crete to use and you are well on your way to a beautiful location without having to stop and ask.


A good vacation is also categorized by amazing accommodation, and that’s one of the many things that the lake of kournas has, five-star hotels with the best quality services that are only 0.1km away.

Villas and a number of places are on the list of hotels near the lake. To gain access to this beautiful spot, simply book one of our rental cars and have a pleasant time driving from one tourist attraction to another.


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